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The Three on the Tree Productions Society is a volunteer group dedicated to the performing arts on Pender Island.  The current focus of the society is the highly popular and hugely successful Magic Lake Lantern Festival.  The 13th annual festival will be held on December 31, 2012.

To become a member of the society or to simply get involved in the Lantern Festival as a performer, organizer or supporter, please email tottlanternfestival@gmail.


The Magic Lake Lantern Festival began in 1999 as a way of celebrating the coming of the new year. It consists of an evening of magical performances and is attended by families, residents and visitors.

The Three on the Tree Productions Society provides a programs for children, youth and families in three areas:

Performing Arts

Media Arts


Scenes from the 2011 Lantern Festival and 2011 Programming

To contact Three on the Tree Productions Society:  Email or P.O. Box 96, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M0​

The Three on the Tree Productions Society is a society registered within the B.C. Societies Act, thus receipts can be issued for businesses and organizations.  For information regarding tax receipts for individuals please contact  us.

2012 Theme is   'QUEST'
The highly popular Magic Lake Lantern Festival returns this year on December 31 and is entitled 'Quest'.   Artistic Director Alaia Hamer announced the theme and details this week, along with a storyline teaser.

The narrative behind Quest is as follows. "The twins, Luz and Sola, were born in the spring and grew up as the seasons changed to summer and eventually fall. As their life continued on, one day the world became dark and cold and uninspiring, so they went off in search of the fire and spirit of summer. Luz and Sola travelled the world from the west to the east, searching for the warmth and inspiration they desired to bring back home to their people in their dark world. They saw many magical beasts and people but they could never catch the flame to bring back home with them. When Luz and Sola eventually moved in a full circle back to their wintery home, they realized that the entire time the fire they searched for burned within their people. Their quest was complete, their people held the light inside them for the winter until spring returned and the cycle continued on in the earth."

Lantern parade participants are invited to marshal at the Danny Martin Ballpark at 4:30pm on the 31st with the procession starting at 5:00pm.  The performance of Quest begins at the Magic Lake Picnic Area shortly afterwards. Spectators are urged to arrive well in advance of the procession, and are reminded to dress warmly.